2013 - 2014, Meet the Staff
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Meet the Staff: Keane Carlin, Sports Editor

Keane Carlin, Sports Editor.

Keane Carlin, Sports Editor.

In the spring, I will be saying “Aloha” to UH Hilo, FINALLY graduating with a Communications degree.  I am entering my second year as Sports Editor for Ke Kalahea and third year overall with the paper.  I have a strong passion for writing and journalism, so don’t expect me to “jock-it-up” in every issue.  There are not many things a journalist enjoys like revealing a story that exposes the different sides and facades to an issue.  Unfortunately, the sports section doesn’t always have explosive stories; so don’t always expect to see my byline in the sports section alone.

With that said, I am an avid sports fan.  I graduated from Kea`au High School (here on the Big Island) and participated in varsity basketball, baseball, football and volleyball.  I have been a San Francisco Giants fan (kiss the rings) since I can remember and still listen to nearly every game on the radio.  My favorite sports to watch are baseball and basketball, but I’m not confined to those sports.  Our women’s volleyball team is always competitive and the atmosphere is always lively in our gym.  The same could be said for our fiery softball team.

Outside of scholarship athletics, I look forward to covering our sports clubs, including our new rugby squad, which is sure to entertain.  This year marks a year of many changes in our sports department.  In fact, it could be argued that we have had the largest turnover in the sports department that this school has ever seen.  The baseball team has a new head coach, the men’s basketball team has a new head coach and staff, the men’s and women’s soccer team both lost their respective head coaches and are now both being headed by coach Lance Thompson.  Throughout the semester we will explore these topics while covering as much UH Hilo sports as possible.  I am open to hearing from athletes, coaches and students.  Want a sports story covered?  Feel free to contact me or stop by our office.  As Sports Editor, I am here to serve the student body.  Hope you enjoy the paper this year.  Mahalo!


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