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Meet the Staff: Maria Karin Walczuk, Arts and Community

    Aloha Kākou,

Arts and Community Editor, Maria Karin Walczuk

Arts and Community Editor, Maria Karin Walczuk

   My name is Maria Karin Walczuk and I am your new Arts and Community (A/C) Editor. I am happy to express Ke Kalahea’s privilege in providing you, our university community, with quality articles and accurate coverage.  It is our intention that we prove ourselves trustworthy so you expect worthwhile reportage to contentedly bury your nose in, issue after issue.  We have a lot in store for this year ahead, and we are ready to demonstrate the scope of Ke Kalahea’s potential.

    My projection for this 2013-2014 year within the A/C section is to bring awareness to our Hilo university on meaningful events, special individuals, and stimulating inspiration.  Let me emphasize the A/C section is a place to recognize creativity and originality: we humbly request an open curiosity for our upcoming articles. We are a student-run publication so our interests are geared towards all of the university, essentially us – keep your eyes peeled. We heartily welcome ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism.  Want to be heard yourself? Contribute your own squib or longer article piece. Additionally, we encourage you to share what you would like express, including and not limited to: poetry, painting, photography, drawings and so forth (this is also your newspaper after all).  Furthermore if you like something, help us spread the word.

    On a dire note, it is unfortunate and true that us students have plenty on our plates to keep us occupied for this century and perhaps over. With this in mind, we intentionally want to make reading Ke Kalahea a pleasurable newspaper you look forward to pouring through to find your favorite gems.

    At UH Hilo you know we exist as a truly unique campus, with plenty of diversity sprinkled about.  In this first issue, we cover a new column idea:  an ongoing piece profiling noteworthy local students/professors.  This recurring column is an opportunity to learn about those particular treasures, those special someones scattered and sometimes hidden upon our own campus.  Do you have a particular professor you would like to nominate for consideration?  Or how about a student you admire who can be included in our palette of colorful individuals?  Stop by and tell us why you would like them to be honored.

    Continue reading on to learn about the extraordinary leading lady, leading professor and chair director of UH Hilo’s performing arts department, Jacquelyn Pualani Johnson.


‘Mari’ – Senior year, Performing Arts Drama Major

Home: The Big Isle’ the home of her heart, (Europe is a close second).

American-Polish nationality, an autodidac polygot, a self-proclaimed obsessive artist, with passions revolving mostly around:

theatre, film, dance, music, writing, surfing, cooking – which take up her conscious and unconscious hours.

Favorite quote: “Don’t Dread. Do.”

Often says: “There just isn’t enough time in the day!”

Personal Dream/Wish: “To fulfill my highest potential.”

Hope for Ke Kalahea: “Controversy is ok: yes, rock the boat if necessary. Yet ultimately we aim to provide compelling work, supporting each other along the way…and it doesn’t hurt if we can have fun! Mahalo nui loa!”


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