2013 - 2014, Arts & Community
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Lava Shoot, UH Hilo’s Media Team

Join and Shoot What’s Lava Hot

By Maria Karin Walczuk, Arts and Community Editor

Visual media group Lava Shoot aims to put UH Hilo on the virtual map.

Visual media group Lava Shoot aims to put UH Hilo on the virtual map.

Under the umbrella of the Board of Media Broadcasting (BOMB) and as a sibling to the University Radio Hilo (URH), Lava Shoot is the place for video production by students and for students. With a higher budget and pressure to produce more videos this year, Lava Shoot is eager to create and involve more of the university community. Leah Wilson, the new General Manager, has the personal hope to create a space to learn for all: utilizing updated digital media programs, new equipment and a crew ready to train volunteers.

As a university-funded group, with student fees directed to the media department, a current list of about thirty individuals are signed up to take advantage of what is offered at Lava Shoot. Training sessions are on the horizon, for those who would like to develop the necessary skills to film and edit. You must be signed up as a volunteer with a GPA higher than 2.0 to be involved.

Wilson remarked upon how universities in general “should have successful media programs in this day and age of YouTube. For us, Lava Shoot is our university’s crown jewel, and we need to showcase what’s going on through our eyes.”

Wilson, a Performing Arts major with a drama focus, recalls when she was first accepted to UH Hilo, “The first thing I did was look up UH Hilo on Youtube, and there was practically nothing (to watch).”

Part of Lava Shoot’s aim is to put UH Hilo on the online map – open to the virtual world – says Wilson, “so if you were a potential exchange student let’s say from Norway, you could see our campus and life here.”

Lava Shoot’s main goal is to be a hub for people to grow their skills in video, performing, and post-production. Lava Shoot is organizing the semester ahead to include movie trivia nights, alongside the Flow at Campus Center, as well as hosting an upcoming Halloween-themed movie night around the end of October.

For those interested to start now, there are two categories within Lava Shoot for volunteers to be involved in: creative videos and archival videos. Based upon your interest – it can happen, says Wilson. She also brings to mind that if students would like to fulfill credit for their courses, they are welcome to use equipment and share their work as a platform of publicity.

According to Wilson, an upcoming dorm show will soon be organized and filmed in the style of MTV Cribs, capturing footage of actual students and their dorm rooms. Additionally, be on the lookout for Lava Shoot to reenact the Rants and Raves of Ke Kalahea in short comedy sketches.

In February and March, there will be the second annual student film festival at UH Hilo. Expect to see a night of viewing nominees and the following night with an awards ceremony – all in the promotion of student’s work. Open categories such as animation and documentary, short films will allow students to present their work under thirty minutes.

Vlogging, music videos and many other possibilities based on the interest of students, are open to be pursued. “I want Lava Shoot to be a machine … to grow into a foundation.” explains Wilson, “It is meant to be fun, accessible for everybody to take part in.  You only have to want to learn.”


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