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Cronie’s Bar and Grill

Hilo’s Quintessential Sports Hangout and Casual Dining Place  

By Brian Wild, News Writer

Cronies hilo photo

  “What do you get when you combine your favorite sports spot and the most onolicious food in Hawai`i? Itʻs Cronies!!!”
As the tagline on their website might suggest, this establishment takes great joy in claiming its status as Hilo’s hotspot and premier destination for down-home cuisine and good times. Right in the heart of downtown on Waianuenue Avenue, Cronies is open all week to those who seek a simple, yet enjoyable meal or drink, along with a little added recreation (that is, the sports). For those who have never been to Cronies or have never even heard of this place, perhaps my experience dining here could help give you an idea of what to expect.
When I first visited the Big Island, I was a junior in high school and enjoying my spring break. During that week off, however, I decided to utilize my downtime by doing a little college browsing. By then, I already researched the UH system, and was definitely intrigued by the prospect of going to school and living in Hawai‘i. Though I stayed in Honolulu for most of the trip, my very first destination was Hilo. When I arrived downtown after touring the university, I looked through the Farmer’s Market and went by many restaurants. One of the establishments that immediately caught my eye was a little place called Cronies, and here I am today, publishing an article on that same restaurant!
To make a long story short, I had one of the best bacon cheeseburgers of my life; complete with delicious fries and a generously large drink, plus refills, all for a little more than $10. The service was fantastic, and the ambience was surprisingly cozy.  Looking back now, I believe that it was on that very afternoon in Cronies that I made my decision: UH Hilo was the place for me.  Since that day,  I have never regretted my decision.
As is the case with many restaurants of course, the experience you have may vary depending on what day (or time of day) you show up. During my first visit, it was a lazy and rather sleepy afternoon –– thus,  it felt cozy inside. However, if a big game is approaching, all bets are off on how raucous or spirited the joint may get! Keep in mind this place also doubles as a sports bar. When I was in the area a couple weeks ago, I had dinner there and was taken aback by how festive, lively and completely different the atmosphere was to me –– at least compared to the first time.
Indeed, Cronies has a reason to pride itself as the prime destination for a fraternal get-together among local sports fans, eager to spend a night on the town with their buddies. The night may be spent rooting for their teams,  and only a few minutes later,  jeering at the opposing team on the TV screen! Now, for those who can’t wait to let off some steam and unwind after a long day, Cronies has got you covered.  A variety of alcoholic beverages are available, including martinis, frozen drinks, and many other exotic cocktails.
Still not sure if this is the right place for you over break?  Check out http://www.cronieshawaii.com, and see what fits your appetite or budget (and yes, they do take-out!).  So remember, if you’re staying in Hilo over Thanksgiving and you feel like you’re stuck, there’s almost nothing a good burger or steak paired with  a cold drink won’t cure!

“So come in, relax, and please enjoy our Island Style hospitality, with all the Aloha you expect, from the one and only….” – cronieshawaii.com


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