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Moku Ola: Coconut Island

By Larissa Tawata, Sports Writer

Moku Ola. Photo taken by Sam Clubb.

Moku Ola. Photo taken by Sam Clubb.

After moving to Hilo from O’ahu, I felt that the beaches here could not compare to the white sandy beaches that we have at home, but I did learn to appreciate the scenery/nature that we have here in Hilo. One of my most favorite spots to go is Coconut Island.

It’s easy to get to Coconut Island and it’s conveniently located in town, next to the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel and Queen Lili’uokalani Park. To me, Coconut Island is the place I go to when I need to break away from things and just relax. You can go early in the morning to catch the sunrise or late in the afternoon to watch the sunset or you can have a picnic any time of the day (as long as it’s sunny and not raining). As you are there you see so many different and interesting things. The last time I went there I saw older men fishing, a family celebrating a birthday with grass volleyball, friends jumping off the rock wall and swimming in the water, a group of people doing Tai Chi, and people exercising. Although it is just a small area, Coconut Island is a great place where you can do many different things.

So, the next time you are stressed or need to just take some time to get away from things and relax, I suggest heading to Coconut Island to take in nature and catch some fresh air.


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