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Welcome Back for Fall 2014!

Ke Kalahea would like to welcome everyone, new and returning students, to the Fall 2014 semester!  We are excited to get started on providing campus with it’s only student run news source.  Please excuse any mess on this site or in our new office, as we are currently in a transition period and we get the ball rolling for this school year.  We are now in the old Career Center’s office, right up the stairs on the corner as you walk up to campus center.

We are currently hiring! Ke Kalahea is looked for talented individuals to be writers, graphic artists, editors, photographers, and more!  Please contact us or stop by our office for an application.

As always, feel free to contact us through our Facebook page or email: kalahea@hawaii.edu


Ciera Lamb

Editor in Chief

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Ke Kalahea translates to mean The Herald in the Hawaiian language. We are the University of Hawaii at Hilo's student run newspaper.

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