2015, Arts & Community
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Top 50 Tips for College Students

By Kulia Ho-Henry, Arts & Community Writer
Rose Navalta, Graphic Designer

Welcome Freshman!

Over the next four years, you will experience some of the best, and some of the hardest days of your life. College is filled with many opportunities to grow and learn. With that, there will be many hard days where you feel like giving up, but persistence is the key. Once college is over, you will look back at all you’ve accomplished and will be proud that you pushed through when you were at your worst. Here are 50 tips to help your college experience.

1 Use RateMyProfessor.com when making your schedule.
2 Use the library and its resources.
3 Don’t cheat, you will get caught.
4 Find a studying method that works best for you and be consistent.
5 Don’t skip class. Once you start skipping, there’s no going back.
6 Have a positive attitude.
7 Get organized.
8 Don’t be shy.
9 Get out of your comfort zone.
10 Make a calendar with all assignment due dates.
11 Get involved in clubs and campus activities.
13 Don’t over eat.
14 Exercise.
15 Be mindful of your roommates.
16 Be neat and clean.
17 Always be prepared for class.
18 Avoid living with your good friends.
19 Learn to cook.
20 Don’t give in to peer pressure.
21 Explore the resources that are offered to you.
22 Don’t get pregnant! (Or get a girl pregnant.)
23 Spend a lot of time off campus.
24 Keep in touch with family at home.
25 Create a family here who you can open up to.
26 Love yourself before you fall for anyone else.
27 Find a job.
28 Stay active.
29 Be prepared to be stressed.
30 Find out what cures your stress.
31 Meet with your advisor.
32 Always back up your files.
33 Apply for as many scholarships as possible.
34 Get involved in the community.
35 Start looking for internships.
36 Wash your colors and whites separately.
37 Get to know our professors.
38 Study other places than your room.
39 Tutors make you look smarter, not dumber.
40 Don’t forget about your physical health.
41 Slippers in community bathrooms… it’s a must!
42 Don’t put your alarm clock where you can reach it from bed.
43 Try new things.
44 Smile a lot.
45 Be true to yourself.
46 Be honest and thoughtful.
47 Don’t forget that you’re here to learn.
48 Be careful who you surround yourself with.
49 Know when to ask for help.
50 Have fun!


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