2015, Music Fuse Column
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Music Fuse

By Danielle Marrufo, Contributing Writer

Have you heard the saying that history repeats itself? So if history repeats itself, does music, being a part of history, repeat itself? A recent song by Nicki Manaj entitled Anaconda uses similar lyrics and beats that were originally heard in Sir. Mixalot’s Baby Got Back. This seems to be a common theme that the Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay and even Justin Timblerlake have gotten into. These artists have put a modern spin on the oldies.
Sticking with this idea, there are some female artists that have contributed to creating original songs that have been influenced by founding genres of music like soul and jazz. Iyeoka along with Noora Noor are two female artists that have paved new paths, incorporating the sounds of musical pioneer women like Etta James, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday and Aretha Franklin. The songs listed below exemplify these artists and the soul they bring to the table, along with their unique collaboration, lyrics and resonant melodies. Iyeoka’s newest album, SAY YES, expresses her diversity as both a poet and singer. Her name translates to mean “I want to be respected” and Iyeoka is indeed receiving her due respect after releasing this album.
Norwegian artist Noora Noor has been singing since the age of 15 and recently released her third album entitled Soul Deep. Noora lives up to her title of Norwegian Queen of Soul by incorporating blues riffs and jazz influences.
If you have any suggestions on what type of music you would like to see in this column, please contact Ke Kalahea.

Suggested songs:
Simply Falling by Iyeoka
Forget What I Said by Noora Noor


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