2015, Arts & Community
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Feature Article

By Korina Leong, Senior Staff Writer
Danielle Marrufo, Photographer

Dr. Susan Brown, UHfebruary 26 Hilo’s Interim Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences has received her undergraduate degree from Wichita State University, Kansas and her Master’s and PhD from Tulane University, New Orleans. Originally Dr. Brown taught statistics and methods but most recently taught Women and Health as well as the Animal evolutionary courses at UH Hilo. As the associate dean she helps students under academic distress. Her main goal is to help with the retention and graduation rate as well as reduce the number of students put on academic probation and students who are academically dismissed. In the hopes of fixing these astounding numbers Dr. Brown is currently working on raising the retention rate for the University as well as attempting to answer the question of why we have problems retaining students with 55 credits or less from other campuses. One new project that has taken off is what she calls the Instituted Incentive Grant that encourages and rewards students that have not done as well in one semester but has gotten back on track and performed well.


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