2015, Arts & Community
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Kyle Abraham Performs

What You Can Say Without Words

By Morgan Tate, Arts & Community Editor
Demi Rodriguez, Photographer

The mission of Abraham and Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion is “to create an evocative interdisciplinary body of work.” Abraham’s incredible choreography and astonishing skill reflects the hip-hop and urban dance that he had encountered in his teens. Combining the vernacular and traditional with modern technique, Abraham connects one’s identity and one’s personal history through breathtaking movement.
The two primary shows Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion choreographed are “Radio Show” and “Pavement.” Each holds its own stories and grips the audience with what some might call the rawness that is humanity. “Radio Show” illustrates the departure of a cherished urban radio station in Abraham’s native Pittsburgh. The station was essential for shared knowledge in the neighborhood and was a grave loss for the African American community. This event, combined with the story of Abraham’s loss and dislocation after witnessing his father succumb to Alzheimer’s, is choreographed with the reality of human behavior.
The broken and twisted pieces of humanity are glimpsed in Abraham’s newest composition, “Pavement.” Shown through compelling and emotional metaphors, music and spoken word, the audience sees life filled with gang and police violence. However, a powerful companionship that is a source of comfort and tranquility is also seen, and it is beautiful.
Abraham works with a style that creates an emotional and physical dialogue between the dancers and the audience that is truly remarkable. According to Abraham’s faculty bio at Broadway Dance Center, New York City, he was labeled as the “best and brightest creative talent to emerge in New York City in the age of Obama,” in OUT Magazine, 2011.
Having received a B.F.A. (2000) from University of New York at Purchase and an M.F.A. (2006) from New York University, Abraham has training in music, visual art and dance. Though an upcoming artist, Abraham has developed a unique choreographic style and powerful vision for himself and those around him.
Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion “Pavement” will be coming to the UH Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. Tickets are available for purchase online at the UH Performing Arts Center website and at the on-site box office. General tickets are $30 in advance, $35 the day of the show, and children 17 and under as well as UHH/UHC students are $15 in advance and $20 the day of the show. For more information, contact the UH Performing Arts Center at (808) 932-7490.


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