2015, Music Fuse Column
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Music Fuse

Andrew Bird

By Danielle Marrufo, Music Fuse Columnist

Have you ever had a moment where the song you’re listening to perfectly matches your mood and everything surrounding you? In his brand new album entitled “Echolocations: Canyon”, Andrew Bird explores the idea of a perfect moment. This album, released Feb. 3, 2015, includes seven tracks, of what this writer can only describe as intense emotion, as Andrew Bird exemplifies his talents through violin improvisation. In previous songs such as Armchairs, Bird recorded in a studio setting. Partnering with Tyler Manson, a filmmaker, this duo created a short film series that couples visual and performing art. His current album was recorded entirely outdoors in the Coyote Gulch Canyons of Utah. While listening to the various tracks, you can hear how Bird is playing with the echoes that the canyon creates. In fact, Bird experimented with various keys and recorded the entire album in C sharp in order to create the most acoustic reverberation throughout the canyon. He also incorporates natural sounds of water flow and birds chirping throughout the tracks. The natural arching and curvature of the canyon shape resonates sounds that are almost impossible to recreate in a studio setting. In order to experience all of the various elements in this album, I suggest listening through headphones to get the full effect. Also, because this album is solely instrumental, I find that it is great for studying.

Suggested songs:
Sweep The Field
The Canyon Wants To Hear Csharp


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