2015, Letter From the Editor
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A Letter From the Editor

When will the Matrix get here?  It won’t be soon enough.  I need some sort of port that connects to my cerebrum so that I can upload information on the fly… like now.  This past week, aside from working full-time and managing a staff of 25 people, I spent about 13 hours doing math, 12 hours studying accounting, wrote three papers and read so much that my head is spinning.  I know you guys are feeling me, cause you’re in the same rickety boat!
If the Matrix were here, I could upload that movie that I need to watch for my law class, study for my accounting exam, attend all of my staff and board meetings and write this article while still having time left over.  I plan on ordering pizza tonight so that I can do my online math quiz and still eat food.  I found coupons so that I can order two large pizza’s for the price of one, enabling me to have uninterrupted sustenance for days.  Shwabang!  One less aspect of life that I have to think about.  If the matrix were here I wouldn’t even have to pick up the phone to order the darned pizza.   After all, human interaction is kinda overrated, right?
Could you imagine though?  Being able to upload information whenever and however you wanted?  I could learn to speak Chinese, how to fly a plane and how to fix a car in seconds.  I could have a full understanding of chess strategy, astrophysics and amoebas in moments.  I really hope that someone is seriously working on this technology.
As I was daydreaming about Matrix life and all of it’s splendid benefits, I also thought about the fact that in the film, they claimed that humans had rejected the original version of the Matrix.  This was supposedly due to the fact that the original Matrix was a perfect utopia so the human mind refused to accept it.  Last night, as I walked to class, I realized what a bunch of garbage that is.  Maybe when we are younger it might be more like that, and certainly there are quite a few individuals that never grow out of needing drama to function, but how I’m feeling right now, is like ‘sign me up!’  I would love to live in a farging utopia!  No kidding.
Somewhere where your car never needs to be towed, there is always parking, pollution doesn’t affect the environment in a negative way, everyone gets along and war doesn’t exist?  Who would reject that?  A crazy person, that’s who.  On the other hand, I see the merit in suffering.  Typically, the moment of personal growth occurs when we receive a rather swift kick in the pants from life.  We either move forward or stay where we are, and suffer some more.
Weighing the options, I suddenly feel compelled to not have it easy and trudge my way through the pain, stress, worry and fear that may come my way without longing for a Matrix jack that I can plug into when I need an escape or to pass an exam.  The theory is that it is all going to make me stronger in the long run.  So, lets waste no more time contemplating the Matrix and it’s endless myriad of perfectly cooked steak, sun-filled skies and women in red dresses.
Although… it would be pretty awesome to be a bullet-dodging, pavement stretching kung fu master.  Maybe next semester I’ll have time to work on that.

Lara Hughes
Ke Kalahea
Editor in Chief-ess


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